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I’m quite biased, given that I’m writing this post on the website for a meeting management software solution. But, that disclosure aside, I now find it incredibly difficult to attend meetings that don’t use some sort of organization software.

There are some pervasive problems that plague meetings. You probably ran into at least one of these in your morning ‘status call’ earlier ​today. They are, in order of annoyance for me:

  1. the absence of a point or need,
  2. a severe lack of organization,
  3. an uneven distribution in participation, and
  4. yes-men and yes-women.

All of these can be solved without meeting management software. But such a feat  takes a talented individual who can efficiently pilot a meeting towards its destination while achieving all intended goals and leaving everyone feeling satisfied. These people are special. They’ve facilitated meetings for years, and in some cases, facilitation is a full-time job. It is a rare meeting when you encounter these individuals, but when you do, you never forget them. They are the 1%​.

For everyone else, us humble 99%, meeting management software eliminates the prerequisite of having piloted 1500 hours of meeting​s to reach expert status. Meeting management software allows us to level-up by our 3pm ’team meeting’ later today.

Here are the the features of meeting management software, like Attentiv, that can make ​your next meeting flow like the Colorado River (or at least not stink like a water treatment facility).

1. Agendas Are Required

A meeting without an agenda is like a TV without a remote control; it still functions, kinda, but it is also inefficiency 101. An agenda highlights the key points of a meeting and ensures important topic areas aren’t missed. It​’s so obvious that a meeting needs them, and yet they are so often neglected.

By using meeting management software throughout your organization, you can ensure that all meetings have agendas and that thought will actually be put into meetings beforehand. Organizers will answer questions like, “What are we trying to accomplish?”, “Who needs to give an important update?”, and “Is this meeting even necessary?” Asking those questions beforehand and baking the answers into an agenda will ensure that meetings proceed forward with meaning, purpose, and efficiency.

2. Action Items are Logged and Shared in Real Time

The best thing to happen to meetings in a decade is the near-universal acceptance that action items are an important outcome to track. That recognition, however, doesn’t mean that ​this crucial step occurs. We’re gonna need another decade for it to actually be implemented.

Meeting management software makes action items a focus of meetings. In Attentiv, key tasks are noted, assigned, and distributed at the end of the meeting, which allows for easy follow-up and stronger accountability.

3. Get Honest, Real-Time Feedback

This is where Attentiv really shines and differentiates itself from the competition. As an introvert, sometimes my nature is to just pull back and stay quiet when an extrovert is dominating the conversation. Other people find themselves in organizations where the yes-men mentality has run rampant. In each of these scenarios, the solution can be Attentiv’s question and anonymous answer systems.

Imagine your team is trying to decide which marketing channel to focus on for Q3. What usually happens i​s that the person in charge shares their opinion, and then everyone will agree rather than risk being a lone dissenter, or a dominant voice will speak up and answer on everyone’s behalf. With Attentiv, the organizer can push a free-form or multiple choice question out, asking for everyone’s opinion, and receive all of the answers back anonymously. This happens quickly and eliminates the possibility for people to simply nod along or be the loudest voice. We’ve found this incredibly effective.

4. Minutes (Mostly) Write Themselves

Meeting management software helps to quickly build and disseminate the minutes for a meeting. Gone are the days of trying to ​fill out a meeting minutes template, ​struggling to remember who said what, or losing your formatting when you copy and paste from Word to email. Software organizes your notes, feedback, and action items into a cohesive deliverable that will blow your bosses away.

So there you have it, just four of the reasons to use software for your next meeting. Say goodbye to disorganization, so long to yes-men, and viva la meeting management software!

Get started in Attentiv for free here.

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