Welcome to Attentiv! We’re here to get you totally situated so your team can take advantage of all our cool features. Here’s a quick video walkthrough to get you started:



Take a look at this step-by-step tour of the collaboration software below. We breakdown each of the tool’s features so you can make your team an efficient collaboration machine.



empty water cooler

It’s a little empty right now, but don’t worry—it will fill up with some great conversation in no time. This is pretty much your typical office water cooler—it’s where everybody stops by for some casual conversation. All members of your organization are automatically invited to this discussion and can comment, upvote, and ask questions freely. We’ve seen it used to get organization-wide feedback, to share vacation plans, or even for the occasional funny GIF.



Up near the top is a blue bar. Here, you can see pictures of everyone else in the discussion (unless you haven’t uploaded a profile pic yet, in which case you get a cool piece of art for your picture).

Click the green add icon to invite more users to the conversation. From the drop-down menu, you can either type in the name of an existing user to add them, or add a new user to Attentiv with an email invite.

Click “…” for another drop-down menu. From here, you can sort comments by newest or upvotes, or jump between topics by clicking through the different hashtags.



comment bar

Your comment bar has four parts to it (from left to right): the anonymity button, topic selection, text box, and the submit button. Click the anonymity button to anonymously submit a comment (shocking!). Note that when you click the anonymity button, the submit button turns blue – that’s your cue you’re anonymous. Click topic selection to choose which topic you’ll use to post your comment. Type in your comment in the text box, and when you’re ready to submit hit enter or click “submit.”

Here’s an anonymous comment in action:

anonymous comment



live feed2

The discussion stream shows you every comment and question within a discussion. If you like a comment or someone’s answer to a question, click the upvote arrow to mark it. Answer an open question that another user has asked by typing your response in the text box and clicking submit or pressing enter on your keyboard. Note that you can answer questions anonymously! If it’s a multiple option question, just click an answer choice and hit submit.

You can also reply to another user’s comment by clicking on the “Reply” link beneath the comment. You can even reply to a reply, or reply to the reply of a reply, or…I think you know where I’m going with this.





If you belong to multiple organizations (say you use Attentiv for work and a volunteer group) you can click on your org’s name above the sidebar to select another organization.



This is the sidebar. Here you create a new discussion by clicking the green add button to the right of “Discussions”. People make discussions for the different teams they belong to, for certain topics, projects, etc. Once you’ve created multiple discussions, you can easily switch between them with a click.

Under profile, you can edit your personal info, change your password, or upload and change your profile picture that appears in discussions.

Under settings, you can see the users in your organization, along with their email addresses. Your organization’s administrator can also invite new users, view and change payment plans, and delete users from here.




Once you’ve selected a discussion (such as the default Water Cooler), you can click the slide button on the sidebar to reveal topics and questions. There’s an #All topic that contains the entire discussion, but you can click the green add button beside “Topics” to create more topics. Then click on a hashtag to view the comments just within that topic.




Questions are pretty similar to Topics. Click on the green add button beside Questions to ask a new question. Type in your question in the text box that appears and select the question type from the drop-down menu (open question, single option, multiple options). For single option and multiple option questions, type in the answer choices in the “option text” boxes. You can click “Add Choice” to add more response options. The trash icon on the left lets you delete an answer choice, while the drag icon on the right lets you move and change the order of answer choices. Just like with Topics, you can click on a question on the sidebar to immediately jump to that question.





The info bar at the top should look pretty similar to the desktop view. The icon on the far left opens up the side bar, which lets you select discussion channels, topics, and questions along with other settings. Click ‘Users’ to see who else is in this discussion channel, and click the green add button to invite other users to the channel. Finally, the icon on the far right of on the info bar lets you sort comments based on votes or chronologically.



The comment bar on the bottom might look a bit different from the desktop view. Tap ‘Type here…’ (highlighted in blue) to start typing your comment. Your commenting options (highlighted in red) from left to right are: the anonymity button, topic selector, and submission button. The anonymity button, just like on desktop, lets you comment anonymously. The topic selector lets you specify what topic to comment under, and the submission button lets you post the comment.

Congratulations! Now you’re just as Attentiv-savvy as any of us (and we built it). Log in now, invite your team, and discuss away. And don’t be a stranger! Shoot us an email at contact@attentiv.com with any questions or feedback.


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