Quick Tips

Are you ready to transform the way you collaborate? Here’s our guide to getting started.

Keep the tab open. Attentiv’s meant to be used throughout your workday. Notifications will keep you updated in case anybody’s commented, but you might miss something crucial from a teammate if you’ve logged off.

Invite the team. Make sure you’re adding everybody on your team to Attentiv. Features like upvotes and polling only get better with more users, so add others to see the best results.

Go anonymous. No need to be nervous or anxious about commenting. Go anonymous if you’re worried about commenting, replying to a specific person, or asking a question. But if you need to say it–get it out! That’s why Attentiv exists in the first place.

Do you need to combine multiple Organizations into a single Organization? We can do that! Contact us and we’ll combine them for you.

Check the Blog section below for updates and advice on productive meetings ↓


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