Four Reasons You Should Use Meeting Management Software

I’m quite biased, given that I’m writing this post on the website for a meeting management software solution. But, that disclosure aside, I now find it incredibly difficult to attend meetings that... Read more


Your Employees are Lying to You

Let me tell you a little bit about why we started Attentiv. Early last year, two colleagues and I headed out to Los Angeles to meet with a potential client. We worked for a marketing agency and... Read more


Access the Hivemind

Let’s talk about the concept of the hivemind. The science fiction aficionados among you may have come across the term in a novel or show about space-faring alien species whose individuals think ... Read more

Best Practices

Attentiv Best Practices – Part 1

So, you’ve got an account – now what? Here's a list of some Attentiv best practices: 1. Keep the tab open: Attentiv’s meant to be used throughout your workday. Notifications will keep you... Read more


Getting Started With Attentiv

Welcome to Attentiv! We’re here to get you totally situated so your team can take advantage of all our cool features. Let's take a quick tour.   THE WATER COOLER It’s a little e... Read more