5 Professionals Share Their Biggest Meeting Pet Peeves

We've all been there. We've all sat through unproductive or poorly planned meetings, only to realize afterwards that you could've been doing real work instead. But here at Attentiv we wondered: what'... Read more


How we got our launch story published

There's a bevy of startups and new ideas clamoring for press attention these days, and unless you have funding or a big name, it can be difficult to get coverage for your company. Through some hustle ... Read more

Bored Businesswoman Sleeping In A Meeting

12 Experts Share Their Secrets for Effective Meetings

We spend a lot of time in meetings.  In fact, the average American worker will participate in 62 meetings this month.  Unfortunately, despite the incredible time demand of these meetings, the vast m... Read more

Hourly Visitors

Getting on the front page of Reddit. What does it mean for your organization?

My most recent blog post on wasteful meetings went gangbusters. It has been tweeted 322 times, shared on LinkedIn 909 times, and shared on Facebook over 2.5k times as of writing this post. But the re... Read more

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America meets a lot. An analysis of meeting length, frequency and cost.

Make your meetings matter. Hold fewer, more effective meetings with Attentiv. Sign up for free right now.   Meetings are ubiquitous in today's organizational culture. Some organizations ev... Read more

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