Smells like freedom

What makes a good design?

The design of our website here at Attentiv has received a lot of praise and of course, some criticisms. But the response to our designs have been overwhelmingly positive on the whole. People hav... Read more


How I passed the bar and started a software company at the same time

I've never been a big fan of school. I view it as a necessary, even worthwhile, evil. I tend to perform at a much higher level with more reasonable (read less) effort in a career setting rather than i... Read more

Worldwide percentage of email

Consumer email is on the decline – but almost everything else “email” is on the rise.

The ability to send text digitally (or "electronic email" as it was called) has been around for decades. But it wasn't until 1993 that email as we know it started to become a widely used term. In t... Read more

Forest through the trees

The Guide: How to Put Together Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are all about seeing the forest through the trees.   Meeting minutes can be a pain.  If you're the lucky one that ends up having to take minutes, it usually feels like yo... Read more

What should remain private

The Anonymity Impossibility: Stats, Surveys, and Figures

Anonymity and information privacy are hot issues. Events like the Clinton server/email controversy, the Ashley Madison breach (releasing what was assured to be "anonymous" information), the Target d... Read more