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Attentiv is the ultimate decision-making and team collaboration platform. Start a team chat, submit your input anonymously, seamlessly switch between topics, and get real-time feedback.

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What is attentiv?

It's the ultimate business communication, decision-making platform.

Jon Moriarty

"Attentiv has an extremely innovative approach to a classic problem with sound technology to back it up."

-Jon Moriarty

VP of Marketing and Interactive Technology, ICF International

Kat Haselkorn

"I had no idea how much people weren't saying during our brainstorming sessions. Without Attentiv, I never would have heard the best ideas that keep us ahead of the pack."

-Kat Haselkorn

New Media Manager, Go Fish Digital

Decision-making is complicated and unproductive meetings waste time.

But Attentiv is all about having fewer, more effective meetings and arriving at better, more informed decisions. From teams of 3 to multi-national corporations, Attentiv helps people get stuff done in a cheaper, faster and more efficient way.

With Attentiv, bosses can hear candid, anonymous feedback from employees, team productivity skyrockets through effortless collaboration, and the best ideas are discovered, rise to the top, and are put into action.